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The Best Hikes in Virginia Beach

When I first moved to Virginia Beach my heart ached for the mountains. To this day when we go back to visit family, I can tell you the exact moment on our drive that I will see the mountains again. I didn't grow up hiking but I grew up out in nature and sometimes that truly feels like the same thing!

If there is one thing that I have learned since living in Virginia Beach, being near the ocean does not mean that you have to forfeit a good hiking spot. Just because you might not get the same elevation as being further inland doesn't mean it's not still a good spot to adventure!

Here are some of the best hiking spots in Virginia Beach.

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

A great trail at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is Lotus Pond Paddle. This offers a little bit more length at 6.6 miles and is a more moderate hike. The wildlife offers great bird watching as well as fishing and is best from April to November. There is, also a great hike at West Dike, Barbour Hill, Sand Ridge Beach that is roughly 8.9 miles and even offers some camping spots.

Mt. Trashmore

Trashmore is a must for anyone going to Virginia Beach, though it is a pretty heavily trafficked loop it also offers multiple parks and a lot of space. The loop is fairly easy and is 1.9 miles. Though lots go to walk around the trail it is mostly used for running and biking.

Red Wing Park

Red wing park is an extremely easy .9 mile walk, but offers really beautiful scenery (as you can see they have a beautiful redwood garden) and is great for quick hikes with your littles and a good option for all skill levels. It also offers a park and a wide-open field for lots of family fun.

False Cape State Park

False cape offers more of a beachy hike with dunes, marshes, and some wooded areas and is roughly 6 miles of beaches and 15.3 miles of hiking trails. This is a fairly moderate hike and offers lots of different experiences.

Buffington Trail

This trail is in the West Neck Creek natural area and is a short little easy trail to take. It's about 1.7 miles in length and great for all skill levels.

Pleasure House Point Loop

This beautiful hike is about 2.3 miles and is great for all skill levels. The hike is along the river so makes it a beautiful hike but can also lead to the path sometimes being washed out. So in the wetter months, you want to make sure you keep your feet in mind!

Stumpy Lake Natural Area

Stumpy Lake offers an easy 1.5 mile hike. It offers a really great view of a lake and does often get muddy in the wetter months so beware!

First Landing State Park

You will have a myriad of trails to pick from at First Landing. The main First Landing Loop is roughly 8.4 miles. This is the most populated hiking spot in Virginia Beach so beware that it does get a little busy and you want to try and get there early. There is also a fee so keep that in mind when you go!

While some of these parks offer multiple different hikes, all of them are definitely worth the visit. So the next time you think you can't go hiking at the Beach, just think about these state parks!

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