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3 Books Every Boy Mom Should Read

As a momma to two littles, I have realized that raising a boy is much different than raising a girl.

My son is all boy and all energy wrapped into one. We were having trouble with his daycare and the teachers were frequently sending him home or putting him in time out, because they didn't think that he was well mannered and he was just too "rambunctious". But in all honesty, he was just bored.

Let me tell you, I had a lot of tears and stress and worry over this. I wondered what I was doing wrong. While some would like to label him as ADHD at only 4-years-old, I wasn't entirely convinced. So instead of listening to everyone else, I did what I do best.... I read a lot of books!

Some of the books that I read were extremely helpful, while others were not really a waste of time, but just not helpful or they weren't really teaching me anything I didn't already know. To save you the trouble that I went through, I have listed out the 3 books I think every boy mom should read. Especially if that boy has some high energy!

Read the rest of my article over on MomsBeyond to find out what three books you should read!


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