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10 Amazon Road Trip Musts

Top Road Trip Essentials

Whether you are traveling with kids or not, everyone needs some good road trip essentials.

Though things have been crazy with worldwide quarantines and businesses shutting down, things seem to slowly be getting back to a state of normalcy (fingers crossed). When major traveling isn't available what better time than now to get some really good road trips in?

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Essentials for the Littles

1. The Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray

This has been great for my kids on long trips. Their favorite part has been the dry erase board! I personally love all the pockets because then I am not having to hand them as many things, they can just get it for themselves!

2. Kids Erasable Doodle Book

My daughter absolutely loves to draw, on absolutely everything. So this little erasable doodle pad is so fun for her. It also zips up so it's really quick to grab and toss in your bag (I also love this for when we go into restaurants). I especially appreciate that there is little to no mess with it.

3. Dual screen DVD player

My daughter has only recently started liking movies before we could get away with having just one cheap DVD player for my son, but now that she wants to watch them with her brother she would always have to crank her neck to see the screen. These were a great investment to solve that problem! I really like how you can play one movie on both screens.

4. Car backseat organizer

To go along with those dual screens, these are perfect to hold them in place plus provide storage for all the extra snacks and things. I am a big proponent for storage because then I don't have things piled up on the floor.

5. Dog travel Tote

This has it all! Not only does this tote provide containers for the dog food, but it also comes with a collapsable bowl to help with saving on space. Who says that your fur babies can't have space too?

The Essentials

6. NOCO Boost

The last thing that you want on a road trip is being stranded. This little guy gives me such security on my long drives. this compact size also makes it easy to find a place to store it in the car. I am not a fan of bulky items in the car so this is perfect.

7. Car Trash can

Not all trash cans are made equal, and I am not even going to pretend, this is by far my favorite thing on this list. It's simple, I know, but this little guy has an awesome insert that allows you to keep the bag connected to your car while pulling out the trash. It is also waterproof and can be used as a cooler.

8. Car ceiling storage

Though this doesn't necessarily work for heavy things, it is perfect for storing blankets, pillows, and lovies. It makes things a little less crowded in the car.

9. Trunk Storage

If you haven't caught on to a trend by now, I really like storage! We try to have the trunk as free as possible for the dogs so this is perfect for storing necessary things in the car that can't go in the top cargo.

10. Portable humidifier

This one is just a little bit more fun. But if traveling has taught me one thing, you need to "prep" your body to not get run down or sick. I do this by taking immunity packs before, after, and during my trips, but having essential oils going definitely helps as well. It's also great for putting a little lavender in it to help your littles sleep.

There are so many other fun car essentials that I have found, but these ones have been great for my road trips with the family.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from you!


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