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October Bucket List

31 Family Fall Activities

Can you believe that it is almost October? In our house, we focus our energy around Halloween and Christmas so we are at the start of all the fun activities and my littles are living for it. My littles ask for Halloween Curious George on repeat and throw in a little bit of The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about Halloween. Recently my son has even become obsessed with the Nightmare before Christmas which makes me a little nervous.

Although I would love to say that this momma has it all together and manages to do a 31-day countdown to Halloween I would be sadly lying to you. Instead, we have a bit of a fall bucket list. This allows us to cross off multiple things on a weekend and still have time to get it all done before Halloween. I've included a free printable handout as well! Also, just to note, because we do not usually do this as a count down, these are not in any particular order! If you are wanting to do it as a countdown you will need to pick the order you would like.

Happy October!

1. Pick out Halloween books at the Library.

This one was always my favorite thing to do as a kid because my local library set out these fun displays. If you don't want to go to the Library you can also have a Halloween book marathon at home.

2. Go to the Pumpkin Patch.

I feel like, this is a given. Is it even fall if you don't visit the pumpkin patch?!

3. Carve pumpkins or explore the inside of them.

This is truly a great sensory activity for your littles! My son in particular loves to play with it and get messy, so we usually do this outdoors.

4. Play Monster Roll

My kids love this game. Check out how to play and download a printable here!

Monster Roll
Download • 222KB


5. Pick apples at an Apple Orchard.

This is our number one tradition. Where we live in Virginia there is an amazing farm we love to go to up in the mountains. Since moving it is a bit of a longer trek for us but always worth it!

6. Make some Halloween paintings.

When we get pumpkins I usually pick up a few small ones and let the kids do their own Halloween decorations by painting them. I also find big rocks to paint, and of course big pieces of paper.

7. Go to Boo at the Zoo.

8. Watch a monster movie.

9. Go trunk or Treating.

10. Bake Halloween Cookies.

11. Make Halloween slime.

This recipe I found was always really fun!

12. Make rice Krispy treats.

13. Pick out your Halloween costumes.

14. Make Milk Jug Ghost.

16. Find a corn Maze and get lost in it.

17. Go on a hayride (or a haunted hayride).

18. Make Popcorn balls.

19. Roast Marshmallows on fire and tell scary stories

20. Dance to the Monster Mash

21. Decorate the House

22. Go to a fall festival

23. Make TP tube bats

24. Halloween movie marathon.

25. Q-tip skeletons

26. Play flashlight tag

27. Find a Fall festival

28. Make homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows.

29. Go for a hike

30. Decorate a trick-or-treat bag.

Even if you don't actually use them this is still a fun activity for the kids.

31. Trick-or-treat!!!

I hope you and your littles have lots of fun this Halloween season. If you think of any other October activities make sure you drop a comment below and let me know! I'd love to hear from you.

October Bucket List
Download PDF • 5.36MB

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